Miss Representation

I watched the movie last semester during my freshman seminar on women leadership. Watching it again so soon let me have more time to reflect on the examples given, because I was more familiar with them.

I had similar reactions both times. I was angry at the people and companies who promote sexist ideas, especially if they’re trying to make money using those ideas. The movie clearly showed how advertising has capitalized on women’s bodies to sell products to both men (beer commercials) and women (fashion/makeup commercials). I also felt disheartened when they showed how young children (both boys and girls) received these messages and how it influenced their behaviors.  This is why it’s important to monitor what is said on TV, on the internet, and also in real life. Words and messages have the power to leave lasting impressions on people, and especially children and young adults who often rely on outside sources in the world around them to shape their views and ideals.

Miss Representation

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