Hillary vs. Bernie

https://medium.com/@laurenbesser/had-bernie-been-bernadette-the-heartbreaking-truth-about-american-patriarchy-ea29caf04331#.pkwzp2u5f — “Men have made Hillary’s choices, and far worse, on repeat, for all of our history, to little fanfare.”

Reading this piece reminded me of our class discussions on the Superbowl ads – what if we switched the race/gender of the characters? How would that impact the message?

In our last class, we talked about Hillary embracing her identity as a woman, and if gender was a good reason to elect a candidate for the President of the United States. In an equal world, no, but there are so many people who will NOT vote for her simply because of her gender, using statements like “a woman’s place in the home” and “a woman is too emotional to be a leader” and “what if she gets her period???????”

Yes, Hillary has made many “wrong” decisions, voted for the “wrong” bills, supported the “wrong” people – but so have many, many male politicians, and they still get elected. Hillary was playing the “any-means-necessary game” of politics, as the author describes it. I definitely identify with the author’s conflicted feelings about the candidates – Hillary is the female Presidential candidate with the best chance to make it to the White House… but Bernie’s platform really speaks to a lot of Americans, especially millenials and working class people.

“I never spoke about the Democratic candidates because it was so hard for me to reconcile not that I preferred Bernie but that my heart was broken for this woman I do not yearn to vote for. My heart was broken because even if we play by all the rules the boys set up, the boys demonize us for playing by the rules. Even if we fight for decades to have a spot, ultimately everybody decides, ‘Nah, thanks anyway, we’re going with the old white guy again.'”

Perhaps if there was a different Democratic rival candidate, Hillary would have a better chance of being nominated. I really want to support a female candidate, especially one as greatly qualified as Hillary. And Bernie has very radical policies, at a time when much of the voting population is sick of the same-old politics. And Bernie didn’t “play the politics game,” stuck to his principles throughout his political career, and now has a very real chance of making the nomination.

Who will win the Democratic nom? Only time will tell…


Hillary vs. Bernie

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