Selfie project… and cosplay

Here is a link to my final paper (on Google Docs)

Link to the selfies A-F


In the last part of my paper, I attempted to explore the relationship between cosplay and self.

Cosplay is a performance art (Wikipedia says so, so it must be true).

But seriously… cosplay is closely linked to theatre and role-playing; by taking on the appearance and mannerisms of another, the cosplayer represents the character but also brings part of themselves into it, too. Whether it’s a steampunk version of the Joker, or an excruciatingly detailed, could-replace-orlando-bloom remake of Legolas’ costume and armor, cosplayers bring their own artistic choices into their work and performance. Which is what makes every cosplay unique (and awesome).

Anyway, here’s some more cosplay selfies for fun:

(The last one isn’t a selfie, my dad took the picture, but it’s the final version of the costume in the 3rd pic)

  1. Harvey “Two-Face” Dent from The Dark Knight (Batman movie)
  2. Cecil Baldwin from Welcome to Night Vale (an awesome and free podcast)
  3. Mei Ling from Metal Gear Solid (a video game)
  4. Same as 3
Selfie project… and cosplay

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